“How Blessed I Am”

A Viator House Case Manager Reflects on A Day of Service

By Marianne Dilsner, case manager

VHH Case Manager Marianne Dilnser with two participants who moved furniture for a struggling suburban family

A friend of Viator House called me last summer and asked if we had “a couple of young, strong guys” to help move some furniture to a family member in need.  Of course!  I “recruited” Rasid, of Bangladesh and Olajide, of Nigeria, who were very glad to help. 

I picked them up at 9 a.m. We went for a drive-thru McDonald’s breakfast and we were ready for the day!  They loaded up the truck with three dressers, a couch, a dining room set, television stand, lamps, end tables and a large mirror.  Everything was strapped in securely and safely.  The guys came in my car and we followed the truck.

I explained to them how this person who needed help was a single mom, blind and in a wheelchair with two teenage children. Both Olajide and Rasid were very touched by this difficult situation and were very concerned about how this mom lives her life every day. They were sad that she could not see her children as they grew up.

They had very real questions about a very challenging situation. Some answers  I could not provide. But I assured them they were a family who supported each other and would seek help when they needed it. The degree of empathy they expressed touched me deeply. Both these young Muslim men said they would pray for this family and both wanted to help anyway they could.

Upon arriving at the apartment complex we went right to work. Despite the heat and humidity, we brought in and arranged the heavy furniture as requested.  Rasid and Olajide spoke with this mom and her children, who were so humbled by the generosity of these young men sharing their time, their muscle and their compassion. 

I am very grateful to Rasid and Olajide. It was an honor to work with them and spend a whole Saturday witnessing their goodness and kindness as they helped this family. The ride home was quiet as I pondered all these things and realized how blessed I am – knowing these young men and being a part of Viator House.