Meet Our Staff

  • Br. Michael Gosch, C.S.V., ( co-director who coordinates house logistics/supervision and the educational, psychological, and employment program.
  • Fr. Corey Brost, C.S.V., ( who coordinates volunteers and the house’s interfaith spiritual life.
  • Sr. Rayo Cuaya-Castillo, S.H.,( 
  • Marianne Dilsner, ( 
  • Michael Yemane, weekday evening shift supervisor 
  • Bart Hisgen, ( house manager
  • Brian Hansen, part-time shift supervisor.
  • Karen Cutler, administrative assistant
  • Susana Tellez, assistant daytime house supervisor.

Volunteers are critical to the success of Viator House of Hospitality. Volunteers who serve during weekday or weekend shifts allow staff members the freedom to leave the house for appointments. Volunteers who tutor, mentor or provide on or off-site activities are critical to the ongoing educational, spiritual, cultural and emotional growth of the participants. For immigrants to successfully integrate into a culture, they must be surrounded by a network of supportive and affirming relationships. Volunteers and staff “accompany” participants while they live at the house. That means we are present in their lives to learn from them while we help them learn and grow.

Find out how to volunteer for Viator House of Hospitality Here!