Who We Are


Viator House of Hospitality (VHH) provides compassionate accompaniment of young adult male immigrants seeking legal relief.

Viator House is grounded in the tradition of the Clerics of St. Viator, founded in the 1830s to work with young people in rural France. Established January 17, 2017, it provides a supportive living environment where these young men can attend school, improve their language skills, grow spiritually and emotionally, receive medical attention, and work while they await court proceedings that determine whether they can become U.S. citizens. Viator House participants also serve the local community on a monthly basis at area food banks, soup kitchens and shelters. If approved to pursue citizenship, they can remain at VHH for a period of time as they begin to build a life here. Since its founding in 2017, Viator House of Hospitality has provided a home for more than 80 young men from 22 nations.  



Viator House of Hospitality staff includes:

  • Fr. Corey Brost, C.S.V., Executive Director, brostcsv@gmail.com 
  • Br. Michael Gosch, C.S.V., Director of Programs and Housing, mgosch@viatorians.com
  • Marianne Dilsner, Case Manager, mdilsner@viatorhouse.org
  • Fr. Chris Glancy, C.S.V., Case Manager, cglancy@viatorhouse.org
  • Bart Hisgen, House Manager, bhisgen@viatorhouse.org
  • Marquito Daudo, House Coordinator/Case Manager, mdaudo@viatorhouse.org
  • Michael Yemane, Weekday Evening House Coordinator, myemane@viatorhouse.org
  • Erick Carlos, Weekend House Coordinator, ecarlos@viatorhouse.org
  • Julie Furmanski, Operations Coordinator, admin@viatorhouse.org
  • Beth Linnen,  Volunteer and Community Partner Coordinator blinnen@viatorhouse.org
  • Susana Tellez, Assistant Daytime House Coordinator

Board Members

Viator House of Hospitality Board of Directors:

  • Liz Andrews
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Dr. Mauricio Cifuentes
  • Sh. Nazir Chahin
  • Gabriele Eaton, MSOD
  • Tom Fahy
  • Sr. Cathy Fedewa, CSFN
  • Fr. Mark Francis, CSV
  • Alexandra Fung
  • Matt Hower
  • Sr. Carrie Miller, SLW
  • Carolyn Nopar

Ex-Officio Members

Br. Michael Gosch, CSV

Fr. Corey Brost, CSV

Life At Viator House

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